Beta Mod is a modification by Rise To HonorDeadPoolXYZc00ld0c26 and Walter20210.

Official Logo by Walter20210
Beta Mod
Project Lead: Walter20210
Creators: Walter20210, Rise To Honor, c00ld0c26 and DeadPoolXYZ
Platforms: PC
Release Date: Current version finished
Download Link:


Beta Mod restores the original concepts and ideas that RockstarGames had planned for Bully before the official release. Such as character designs and other removed/scrapped features that were originally planned.

The mod was released firstly as a character skin mod, and later improved into a bigger project, a new and big update is being worked on according to his creator, including : New models, textures and some other minor modifications.

The mod is currently either delayed or cancelled, as the only member of the project who is still modding actively is DeadPoolXYZ.

- Project Leader: Walter20210

- Lua Coders: Rise To Honor and c00ld0c26

- Skin Helpers: Walter20210 and Rise To Honor

- IDE Editor: DeadPoolXYZ

- Beta Testers: c00ld0c26

- Config File Coders: c00ld0c26 and Walter20210



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