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Lua is currently the most effective way of modificating and importing scripts in Bully.


Originally, the concept of modding Bully via Lua was discovered by [XF] MadMaN [AR], by the helping hand of Fred Tetra.

Fred introduced the original Lua extracting and compiling methods to [XF] MadMaN [AR], thus presenting the Bully Modding community with new methods of modificating. MadMan, along with Red Blaster/Red Hua was also the first person to officially release a mod using lua and was also the first to fully decompile the bully scripts. Lua modding was first released to the public in mid 2013


Compiling is most easily done through the LuaC compiler, but requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. .Lur is the compiled version of a decompiled, source .lua file. It's purpose is to be executed in game or be used as an outside script for running scripts to use.

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