Born September 25th, 1996[1]


Most of SWEGTA's mods are outdated (compared to the standards of Lua Modding), however he is well known for Machinima Maker MOD and Zombie Edition . The following mods are the only up to date mods currently available. He also reviews mods on his YouTube channel which is mentioned below.

Current ProjectsEdit

SWEGTA is currently working on these projects:


SWEGTA has been and is part of multiple Bully modding groups and teams.

  • Biblio-Techa Mods
  • BullyMods
  • Bully-Board Modding Crew - No longer exists

Youtube ChannelEdit

SWEGTA is mainly known for his Youtube Channel (which can be found here ). The channel currently holds over 65,000 Subscribers.

His older videos mainly consisted of Bully machinimas (made using Machinima Maker ) His channel now focuses on other Bully-related videos including but not limited to Bully 2 news, Bully "Insanity Edition", and Bully collectible unboxings. He also has a second channel which consist of secondary videos.


  • The username SWEGTA oriented from Sweden and Grand Theft Auto.

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