Zombie Edition is a total modification by Biblio-Techa, BullyMods and formerly, B-B Mods with SWEGTA as the project Leader.

Official Logo by [XF]MadMaN[AR]
Zombie Edition
Project Lead: SWEGTA
Creators: Biblio-Techa


Platforms: PC
Release Date: Delayed
Download Link: None


This mod is close to being cancelled or may be completely cancelled as there is no news from swegta about this mod in about a year and a half In this mod you play as a new character (Not confirmed yet who) and you have teamed up with the Greasers and the Townies in various locations. This mod has new Models and Textures by Walter20210, Madhattrick, Rambo7 and Ahtam (all of which, with the exception of Rambo, have left the community) and new missions and scripts by Red Blaster(inactive in the modding community), |XF|-MadmaN[AR] (retired from modding)and SWEGTA. SWEGTA appears to be the only one still working on the project.

Previous/Similar ProjectsEdit

Before officially being introduced as a live project, there were numerous attempts of making a Zombie Mod for Bully.

Bully: Zombie Minigame MOD - Original concept. Was later redone completely and changed into Zombie Edition.

Left Behind - Announced, but scrapped quickly.

Zombie Mod - Was announced and released, but shortly removed. Not avalible anymore.

Demented Apocalypse - Was never announced and quickly scrapped.


  • The mod has been remade 3 times.
  • You can follow the Map Editing process here.


The official ModdB-page can be found here.

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